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About Us

What makes us different?

Monsoon is a knowledge-based multicultural advertising agency where the continuing success of our clients' brands is the sole purpose of our business. We are making a difference in "diversity marketing" with smart strategies and consumer insights that lead to positive changes in consumer behaviour and brand choice. We believe there is a direct relationship between the work we do and the return on investments for our clients. Our work shows how we make this happen. We are dedicated to research, measurements, and analytics, and understanding your business is as much a part of our process as the creation of ideas that work.

Whether it is leveraging cultural insights in the consumer's path to purchase, or producing relevant and engaging creative that helps your brand truly resonate with the ethnic audience, our focus on strategy drives everything we do. Years of experience in developing brand strategies and integrated communications programs has taught us the importance of understanding the big picture for your brand, for your overall corporate mission and your business goals. Our mainstream agency background ensures we bring the rigors and disciplines of planning and execution to even the smallest of assignments. You will receive the same level of excellence from Monsoon as you would expect from your mainstream agency. Monsoon is an industry thought leader. Our client portfolio includes some of Canada's most successful organizations like Air Canada, Shaw Communications, Freedom Mobile, Huawei Technologies Canada, Kimberly-Clark Canada, Loblaw Group of Companies, University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies, and more.

Monsoon works seamlessly with your mainstream agency.

Our day-to-day goal in account management is to make life easier for our clients in MarCom. As a result, we have learned that building close working relationships with the mainstream agency while respecting each other's role is a key factor in making things happen. Call our clients at Air Canada, Freedom Mobile, or Kimberly-Clark and listen to what they have to say about Monsoon's relationships with their main agency partners. It all comes down to one thing: attitude. The Monsoon team is carefully picked through a selection process that puts equal emphasis on knowledge and skills as well as personality, character, the ability to "get along", and take pride in teamwork. The front line at Monsoon comes with a rich background in global and national agencies like BBDO, Darcy Masius, Grey, Lowe, Leo Burnett, McCann Erickson, and Publicis. Our top executives have worked in the UK, Australia, India, China, Hong Kong, the Middle East, and Canada.

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366 Adelaide Street East, Suite 337,

Toronto ON, M5A 3X9

Tel: +1 647 477 3167

Sachi Mukerji

CEO, Creative Director

Ramesh Nilakantan

Managing Director, Partner

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